About ice machines, dispensers and ice storage bins


Ice Machines


Ice Storage Bins


An Ice Machine is described as either a self-contained unit/under bench or a modular style unit.

A self-contained unit or under bench unit is an Ice Machine that has the ice making part set up within the ice storage bin.

While a modular machine is composed of two parts. The ice maker/head (Ice Machine) that is placed on top of either an electronic ice dispenser or manual scoop bin.

When you are looking to hire or purchase an Ice Machine the below points should be considered.
• How many people will the machine be servicing?
• Will the machine be catering for day shift only or day and night shift?
• How would you like to access the ice (manual type scoop or no hand contact ice dispenser)?
• Is there power, water and drain available?

For further information contact your local Ice Dealers!